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US-3022366-A: Battery separator and manufacture thereof patent, US-3035251-A: Electrical intelligence receiver and signal emitter patent, US-3048918-A: Piston ring applying and removing device patent, US-3054549-A: Cases for containers patent, US-3055032-A: Automatic cleaning and polishing device patent, US-3066492-A: Process for the liquefaction of a gas patent, US-3067430-A: Tufted fabric patent, US-3067645-A: Bass section for accordion or the like patent, US-3069700-A: Crib guard patent, US-3071541-A: Method and apparatus for treating petroleum products patent, US-3080528-A: Transistor amplifier circuits utilizing a zener diode for stabilization patent, US-3099501-A: Sliding drawer construction patent, US-3111264-A: Rail joint patent, US-3124236-A: F gerisch patent, US-3126450-A: Portable electronic public address apparatus patent, US-3127074-A: Higgins patent, US-3131544-A: Driving mandrel patent, US-3134333-A: Submersible motor sump pump patent, US-3147095-A: Dehydration apparatus patent, US-3155164-A: Means for setting tubular bodies patent, US-3166859-A: Electronic teaching system patent, US-3183598-A: Gauge for tile cutting patent, US-3187771-A: Control valve mechanism patent, US-3196253-A: Electrically heated cooking vessel patent, US-3202981-A: Analogue-to-binary code converter patent, US-3212607-A: Elevator safety device patent, US-3215069-A: Apparatus for printing patent, US-3232287-A: Automobile defreezer unit patent, US-3250546-A: Leaf spring suspension system for motor vehicles patent, US-3260678-A: Catalyst composition, particularly for catalyzing oxidation of hydrogen chloride to chlorine patent, US-3265039-A: Burning chamber cells formed by horizontal partition-forming tubes patent, US-3269966-A: Coating composition patent, US-3271577-A: Light collector for photosensitive elements patent, US-3273062-A: System of propagating radio energy by means of artificial scatterers patent, US-3276829-A: Refrigerated dispensing cabinet patent, US-3279107-A: Identification band patent, US-3280477-A: Garment hanger and dryer patent, US-3283846-A: Impulse seismic device patent, US-3308500-A: Animal comb and brush combination patent, US-3315153-A: Bridge circuit employing selfbalancing control means patent, US-3316905-A: Variable volume rebreathing bag for scuba system patent, US-3318079-A: Reinforced textile flyer patent, US-3332567-A: Container with exteriorly mounted straw patent, US-3336938-A: Valves patent, US-3340044-A: Furnace reduction of pelletized ferriferous materials patent, US-3347350-A: Combination conveyor support and drive patent, US-3356143-A: Paraffin scraper patent, US-3358576-A: Ventilator for opening in a wall patent, US-3359899-A: Spring tensioned wrap-around plate cylinder clamping arrangement patent, US-3362250-A: Fuel pump with lever wear shoe patent, US-3366473-A: High temperature alloy patent, US-3374497-A: Apparatus for erecting a bridge arch patent, US-3374690-A: Rocker arms for internal combustion engines patent, US-3376437-A: Thermionic conversion means patent, US-3380171-A: Archery score determining means and process patent, US-3386785-A: Method of manufacturing a gas discharge tube patent, US-3390262-A: Multizone high power light reflector patent, US-3390836-A: Apparatus for the production of a coating layer of glass material patent, US-3394652-A: Optical scanning method for preparing etching resists patent, US-3395808-A: Base for different filters patent, US-3397001-A: Closure latch assembly patent, US-3400867-A: Spout attachment for paint containers patent, US-3409017-A: Brassiere patent, US-3411680-A: Garment hanger patent, US-3413023-A: Preload-capsule joint patent, US-3413716-A: Thin-film inductor elements patent, US-3414926-A: Pipe cleaner patent, US-3419259-A: Apparatus for carrying out well drilling operations from floating structures patent, US-3422240-A: Microwave oven patent, US-3453054-A: System for detecting small openings in hollow bodies patent, US-3454174-A: Refuse truck patent, US-3468073-A: Rotary tool patent, US-3474376-A: Electric attachment plug patent, US-3500231-A: Brewster angle oriented end surface pumped multiple disc laser device patent, US-3508086-A: Magnetohydrodynamic electric generators patent, JP-2006107569-A: ディスクチェンジャー装置 patent, US-3518586-A: Electronic tuning device utilizing binary counters and memory system patent, US-3518807-A: Tying apparatus patent, US-3528433-A: Smoking product having microreticulated filter patent, US-3528689-A: Tube joint patent, US-3536572-A: Poromeric laminate patent, US-3537193-A: Shoe and sole therefor embodying an anchor plate and cleats patent, US-3548201-A: Machine guards patent, US-3614154-A: Flexible sheet cover material for an open-topped vehicle patent, US-3626276-A: Light-coupled, voltage-controlled constant-power source patent, US-3630034-A: Irrigation canal tapoff system patent, US-3638790-A: Palletized packaging of cylindrical objects patent, US-3656778-A: Levelling and stabilizing means for house trailers patent, US-3700145-A: Container for loose material patent, US-3713093-A: Vehicle speed alarming device patent, US-3713832-A: Solarization type silver halide emulsion containing a halogenated hydroxyphthalein sensitizing dye and a desensitizing compound patent, US-3742537-A: Static press patent, US-3755613-A: Vibration resistor for overhead conductors patent, US-3757889-A: Sound reproduction system patent, US-3779843-A: Continuous process for producing consolidated lignocellulosic material patent, US-3785237-A: Harpsichord mechanism patent, US-3794428-A: Optical liquid level indicator patent, US-3797182-A: Post anchor patent, US-2419612-A: Magnetic vane type ratiometer patent, US-2423639-A: Rotary pump patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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