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FR-2258414-A1: patent, FR-2258600-A1: patent, FR-2259046-A1: patent, FR-2259237-A1: patent, FR-2259364-A1: Chorionic gonadotropin detection in urine - using chorionic gonadotropin antibodies and a passive haemagglutination indicator patent, FR-2259411-A1: patent, FR-2259630-A1: patent, FR-2260800-A1: Speed alarm for car drivers - gives visual and audible signal when presettable critical speed is reached patent, FR-2261498-A1: patent, FR-2262052-A1: patent, FR-2262446-A1: patent, FR-2263251-A1: patent, FR-2263420-A1: Brake operable by air and spring pressure - has air supply into space between spring and air pistons patent, FR-2263453-A1: Preheating arrgt. for butane - hot water in immersed pipes maintains constant vapour pressure inside reservoir patent, FR-2263659-A1: patent, FR-2265236-A1: patent, FR-2265284-A1: patent, FR-2265634-A1: Insulated container for storage of milk - has opening and cover with geometrically identical sealing surfaces patent, FR-2265650-A1: patent, FR-2266062-A1: Force multiplying transmission for engine - has system of cranks that delivers four times motive force patent, FR-2267532-A1: Double flow heat recuperator - uses first stream to contact even numbered sections, and second stream contacts odd sections patent, FR-2268184-A1: patent, FR-2268235-A1: patent, FR-2268453-A1: Power transmission shaft for harvester - has shaft section sleeve couplings opposite bevel gears for cutters patent, FR-2268457-A1: Vertically spaced plant containers - has pillars supporting containers with soil held above water patent, FR-2269315-A1: Coffee mill for producing homogeneously ground coffee - has a worm of variable pitch preventing overgrinding and overheating patent, FR-2270703-A1: Conductor for polyphase busbar systems - is hollow and triangular with reentrant T-shaped recess for mounting onto radial insulator end patent, FR-2270863-A1: patent, FR-2271058-A1: Pulverisation of non-toxic silicone resins - for applying non-stick coatings to cooking vessels patent, FR-2271241-A1: patent, FR-2271853-A1: Bowling pin clearance appts. for bowling alleys - wiper descends quickly from rest position by electro-magnetic drive patent, FR-2272794-A1: patent, FR-2272938-A1: patent, FR-2272948-A1: Multi-stage lifting jack - has supporting head locked at max height while lowering jack for reengagement patent, FR-2272950-A1: Flexible container sealing process - uses cap with vent and distorting membrane inside and inert gas patent, FR-2273285-A1: patent, FR-2274813-A1: Accessory bracket mounted on support rail - bracket wedged against rail by tapered clamping piece patent, FR-2274817-A1: Mining conveyor rails joining equipment - has bushes fitting in end sockets and containing bar accommodating slotted spacer patent, FR-2275020-A1: Cible de tube de prises de vues d'images de television patent, FR-2275035-A1: Pile electrique alcaline plate et son procede de montage patent, FR-2275228-A1: Rescue cable with surrounding twisted pipe section - designed for lowering people from hotels, blocks of flats, office blocks, etc. patent, FR-2275312-A1: Planchon de placage patent, FR-2275768-A1: Dispositif pour le controle optique ou inductif des surfaces de pieces presentant une forme de revolution patent, FR-2276362-A1: Liants solubles dans l'alcool, a base d'esters acryliques patent, FR-2276473-A1: Dispositif de propulsion pour vehicule a moteur du type a lanceur patent, FR-2276919-A1: Fabrication d'une matiere en feuille a expansion differentielle patent, FR-2277063-A1: Procede de preparation du lavandulol et de ses esters patent, FR-2277481-A1: Transformateur de lignes patent, FR-2278029-A1: Dispositif de distribution de liquide patent, FR-2279229-A1: Pile plate et mince patent, FR-2279537-A1: Procede de fabrication de corps moules non fissures et de dimensions precises patent, FR-2280226-A1: Moteur d'induction electrique a entrefer axial patent, FR-2281990-A1: Procede de traitement thermique de rails patent, FR-2283049-A1: Appareil a gouverner pour petits moteurs hors-bord patent, FR-2283377-A1: Dispositif de suspension patent, FR-2288075-A1: Preparation de polyols a partir d'acetals cycliques patent, FR-2289069-A1: Circuit integre mos pour generateur d'impulsions patent, FR-2289866-A1: Tour de refroidissement patent, FR-2290514-A1: Procede et dispositif pour la fabrication de tissus a poils et plus particulierement de rubans a poils dont les fils de poil ont l'extremite deformee patent, FR-2291469-A1: Appareil pour le nettoyage continu d'un echangeur de chaleur patent, FR-2292226-A1: Testing vehicle suspension damping - involves use of hydraulic support jack coupled to measuring circuit to excite suspension at resonance and measure wheel reaction patent, FR-2292959-A1: Appareil et procede d'analyse spectroscopique d'un rayonnement lumineux a composantes spectrales periodiques patent, FR-2294125-A1: Procede thermochimique cyclique pour la production de l'hydrogene a partir de l'eau patent, FR-2296528-A1: Ensemble de projection de jet d'encre patent, FR-2297989-A1: Drilling assembly deflection apparatus - contg. outer housing, piston means having spaced surface contours patent, FR-2298405-A1: Procede de fixation de particules de carbure dur sur un substrat metallique patent, FR-2298581-A1: Nouveaux colorants azoiques et leur application patent, FR-2301596-A1: Oxygen refining pig iron - with half the normal melt height to improve dephosphorisation patent, FR-2302744-A1: Pyrimidinylurees patent, FR-2305529-A1: Differentially dyeing textile by heat fixing at different temps. - to produce different shades in various regions of the textile patent, FR-2306066-A1: Procede d'obtention de cavites cellulaires dans les matieres synthetiques thermoplastiques et les masses moulables synthetiques thermoplastiques patent, FR-2308734-A1: Moule mobile pour bordures et caniveaux patent, FR-2310666-A1: Procede et dispositif de transmission par modem d'un signal de synchronisation utilise pour le demultiplexage temporel des informations transmises par ledit modem patent, FR-2311032-A1: Procede de polymerisation d'alpha-olefines contenant au moins 3 atomes de carbone patent, FR-2311637-A1: Procede pour le sechage de grandes pieces en bois a des pressions sous-atmospheriques ou sous vide, en particulier pour le sechage de bois delicat et fragile patent, FR-2312313-A1: Machine automatique a cintrer les boucles metalliques gainees patent, FR-2313828-A1: Procede et dispositif de visualisation d'images sur grand ecran patent, FR-2317527-A1: Compresseur rotatif patent, FR-2317769-A1: Procede pour la suppression de la formation de defauts d'empilement dans des dispositifs au silicium patent, FR-2318487-A1: Procede d'elimination de dechets de matieres synthetiques radioactifs et installation pour sa mise en oeuvre patent, FR-2318496-A1: Car battery cut-out switch - is sensitive to acceleration by use of ball operated moving contact restrained by magnets patent, FR-2318760-A1: Equipement d'un nouveau type pour vehicule transporteur de charges patent, FR-2319319-A1: Presentoir pour lunettes patent, FR-2319500-A1: Painted paper and sample binder - has three-part flap attached to central panel and folding inside others patent, FR-2320310-A1: Copolymerisats renfermant des motifs d'hydrazide succinique patent, FR-2321893-A1: Nouvelles compositions antibacteriennes et leur procede de preparation patent, FR-2322041-A1: Sabot de frein pour vehicule ferroviaire patent, FR-2322546-A1: Dispositif electrique emettant des vapeurs insecticides patent, FR-2322700-A1: Fraise pour raboteuse a bois, a niveau de bruit reduit, a attaque simultanee par plusieurs aretes coupantes patent, FR-2322754-A1: Bac a peinture pour rouleau applicateur de peinture patent, FR-2323099-A1: Vehicle lamp with three tubular compartments - has glass for one compartment and frame edge formed as one piece patent, FR-2323141-A1: Detection of added hydrocarbons in petrol and light oil - by incorporation of colourless chromogenic substances patent, FR-2323324-A1: Dispositif d'embrayage frein a ressort sur moulinet de peche patent, FR-2323424-A1: Appareil anti-pollution patent, FR-2326252-A1: Hollow rolling mill cylinder - is produced by subjecting cylindrical blank to internal and external deformation patent, FR-2327198-A1: Procede pour l'obtention de dioxyde de chrome cro2 patent, FR-2327697-A1: Enceinte acoustique a bon niveau de reproduction des sons graves patent, FR-2328407-A1: Confectionery with liquid-filled centres prodn. - with reduced pressure in liq. cavity to minimise leaks during packaging patent, FR-2328450-A1: Discriminator device for heart signal system - has coronary activity definition device and circuitry stages for signal recognition patent, FR-2330302-A1: Machine pour la recolte de la vendange patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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